Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Water Proof iPod Now Available

Everyone loves an iPod yet prior to now they have had some serious limitations. For instance you could not take them into the water or surfing? So for an avid surfer who spends hours in the water why would you bother to own one? Well all that has changed now; introducing the H2O Audio Corporations new waterproof cases. Previously these cases were only water resistant; splash proof or snow proof, but now you can submerge them and take them diving, snorkeling, surfing or in the pool.

At the World Famous CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas H20 Audio had one of their units dunked in water and playing away. The cases are not really out of line either, for instance you can get a waterproof iPod Shuffle case for only forty bucks. The iPod Nano, which should be cheaper because it is smaller costs eighty dollars and if you get a new video iPod the case is ninety smackeroos.

The new and improved tight seals are able to hold up under water pressure of ten feet or more and you can also get a dive case which can go down some three-hundred feet below sea level, which only costs one-hundred dollars. You need this in 2006.

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