Friday, October 5, 2007

Follow Your Path to Extreme Sports

If you enjoy taking risks and having a good time appreciating the thrills of nature’s beauty, you probably like to Surf. If this is the case, there are some great surf videos that have awesome waves and surf tricks, displaying the killer California surf, man. You might also be interested in Surf Wear like Sunglasses and Surf Truncks that will make your ride perfect. If you are a regular surf champ, there are some awesome surf facts that you should know. Back on the early days of California surf, a group of friends would pile into a car and head off to search for waves together.

As airplane travel became affordable in the sixties, surfers would toss their long boards on a flight to Hawaii and share a beater and flophouse North Shore housing for their first taste of a 'surf safari.'

Then, in the seventies, groups of traveling surfers used freighters, sailboats and exotic Third World modes of transportation to locate and surf new spots. During the 1980's and 1990's surf camps appeared in remote locations where surfers could take their friends and wives and enjoy a feeling of genteel exploration while surfing un crowded waves.

Additionally, as technology and the internet have opened the world to easier access of information, surfers have used more and more high-tech methods to achieve essentially the same thing as the early travelers, to surf with your buddies in an uncrowded environment.

You probably are aware that surfing spots are crowded and will get worse and worse in the future. To find previously waves that have not been ridden waves in California today, you need a good boat, and we've found one. The " Condor Express” is a 75' aluminum jet-drive rocket ship that will easily do thirty five knots.

Even if we are using a high-tech catamaran and PWCs to access these remote waves, it's essentially all about the adventure-the 'aloha spirit' of our film crew and tow-surfers getting together, sharing the whole experience with anyone interested.

When big swells hit California, we'll be on the Condor with some tow-surfing teams and a film crew. When we return we'll post our images, videoclips and stories on this site so you can share the adventure. Anything that pushes you to the beach is just fine.

It doesn't matter if you're bodysurfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kiteboarding, foilboarding, surfing or towsurfing, it's all the same thing.

It pushes you to the beach, and that's what it's all about. Now we have satellite based surfing forecasts, live surf cams and guys flying personal helicopters to inaccessible spots in order to achieve the same objective. Surfers now scour the world looking for not only the perfect wave but the biggest wave.

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