Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How I Broke a Girl's Arm While Surfing and Made a Friend

At school we had surfing for sport finally in my senior years. The school worked out when the surf was good that most surfers were dodging sport so they got a couple of teachers to supervise surfing, put us through a course and then introduced us to the beach. We all had a buddy system where half the surfers would stay on the beach and half would be surfing and the one on the beach would watch that the one in the water was always okay.

It was during a day like this that I was paddling out after a wave and a young 14 year old pretty girl came down a wave right at me. I tried to get out of the way and we ended up crashing. I came to the surface and she was screaming in pain. I picked her up on my board and paddled her into the beach where she was taken to hospital with a broken arm.

For a couple of months she continued to come to surfing for sport and we really hit it off. She became a buddy of two surfers each week and this made her more popular as more surfers could surf and some could surf twice.

This girl, surfed at a beach where I used to go by myself to surf each week. She had the most olive skin and such a great figure. She was one of the most prettiest girls I had ever seen and she was a pretty good surfer to!

I always wondered how I could get her to watch me surf with keen interest and one day I figured it out. I would borrow her surfboard. I asked her and she said yes on the condition I would fix any damage I might do and I readily agreed and paddled out. Every time I looked around to the beach her yes were keenly on me.

After about twenty minutes she swam out and held onto her board. She was almost black she was so brown and with a bright yellow bikini she was a sight to see as she hung on the end of her board as she chatted. I was smitten with this young girl. My first platonic relationship with a girl.

I asked her if she could duck dive her board and she said she couldn’t. She hadn’t been surfing for long but when you could make your board go under a wave like this in a duck dive as we called it , it made paddling out in a big sea a lot easier.

So on that day I put my arm around her and taught her how to duck dive her board. I am a guy that loves olive skin and I have to tell you that 24 years have passed since I did that and I can still see her with her butt in the air and those lovely tanned legs pushing down on the board.

With all this love, I forget her name. How bad of me.

I was pretty innocent back then. Perhaps we could have been boyfriend and girlfriend, She didn’t have a boyfriend. One thing I know, I never asked her to be my girlfriend, I was just happy she was my friend.

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